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TMT is developing products for a range of applications. These products will use our core technology to provide solutions and create value for our customers, the economy, and the wireless infrastructure throughout the world.

Technology Development Evolution

TM Technologies demonstrated the operation of TM in an analog format and frequency in 2013, after 4 years of intense research and development. TM was then mathematically implemented in a digital signal processing (“DSP”) format in the third quarter of 2015. Presently our DSP engineering team is developing an IP Core Module, while also embedding TM in software form within an FPGA chip of a proprietary software defined radio (SDR). Testing is currently underway to demonstrate TM with all presently used modulation schemes such as QAM, PSK, FSK and COFDM (LTE). Once product development is completed TM can be applied to existing infrastructural radios and/or  embedded within future radios via an ASIC chip or by SDR software coding.

TM TACT Core Series

As reflected in the name, the TM TACT Core Series is the heart of TM Technologies products.

All Core Series products will consist of a TM TACT Core IP block with our patented TM TACT algorithms. This Core assures maximum efficiency and throughput. The TM TACT core will be configurable within an FPGA chipset and software defined radios. This will allow for integration within a wide array of communication radios and equipment. Our IP logic block will also be configured to allow rapid ASIC chip development for the purpose of integration into handheld and end user devices along with a wide array of other products.


TM TACT SDR is a Software Defined Radio (SDR).

TM TACT Enabled SDR is a proprietary Software Defined Radio (SDR). Its initial design incorporates a 2-MHz to 2-GHz frequency range with a 100-MHz wide bandwidth channel. This SDR can be scaled to include microwave frequencies as well. The TM TACT enabled SDR will allow rapid implementation of Transpositional Modulation within networks which have legacy radio systems. This creates a “bolt on” solution removing the need to completely overhaul a network in order to implement TM, while increasing throughput and the efficiency of networks. TM TACT enabled SDR’s will be customizable and scalable to many frequency ranges from 2-MHz to higher microwave frequencies.