Nokia/Bell Labs Adds New Confirmation to Bandwidth Crunch/Spectrum Deficit

The 2015 report by Brattle clearly outlined the current bandwidth crunch facing the United States.

Now comes a new study by Nokia Bell Labs which defines the bandwidth crunch as “unmet demand.”

The biggest takeaway from the report, (available for download here) is that by 2020, WiFi and cellular networks together will only be able to satisfy 81% of of projected mobile content traffic.

Much of the “unmet demand” — aka bandwidth crunch — comes from anticipated demands from the roll-out of 5G networks.

Off-loading wireless traffic onto WiFi has been a major strategy of carriers to try and stretch limited spectrum.

As we will explore in a future post, WiFi networks themselves are getting swamped with traffic and can have quality and security issues.

Transpositional Modulation: The Technology Wild Card”

Transpositional Modulation (TM) is the technology wild card that Bell Labs didn’t know about when this report was researched.

If deployed by carriers and incorporated into wireless routers, TM can double bandwidth capacity and help get the industry through the 2020 crunch.