What is TM?

Transpositional Modulation (TM) is the first foundational method of modulation created since FM and PM were invented in the 1930s. It is the only form of modulation that is mutually transparent to other forms of modulation, allowing for a “twin” waveforms to co-exist. This technology allows us to enable the telecommunications industry to meet future mobile and smartdevice data and bandwidth needs for a changing world.

TM Tact

TM TACT Core is a proprietary IP block of logic which allows for Transpositional Modulation to function within software-defined radios and other digital-radio products.

About 5G

5G is poised to be released into the consumer market over the next five years; this is an exciting advancement in the telecom sector and the telecommunications industry. TM is a disruptive technology which can co-exist with, and further advance, the 5G infrastructure.

TM Markets

TM Technologies has invented the world’s first new foundational method of encoding information on a radio wave in over 80 years, called Transpositional Modulation (TM). TM is a disruptive technology with applications in numerous markets all over the globe. TM Technologies has begun developing its technology for the telecommunications industry.